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Mon Dec 16, 2013, 11:40 AM
Some time ago I started making weekly features of the works that I've found in the undiscovered browse mode.... Then the things became a little bit complicated, I got a job as a roofer and had almost no free time which also meant no time for photos nor dA.
Now I'm trying as much as possible to keep having fun with my camera and be active here again since all of you are so wonderful. I will also try to continue making those features and highlight all of those great and underappreciated artists. In every feature I will try to make some points giveaway too, just to encourage you to be more supportive. Remember that it's not about the points but about appreciating the art and being as much human as possible. And what is more human than helping each other? So, take a look at these works, comment on them, fave them and help their artists grow! Fave this journal to spread the love and scroll sloooowly down to get to know more about this issue's giveaway ;)

der Morgen by ArkanumTenebrae

A Distant Stranger by jkrabForet4 by hubert61

Landscape by Kawaielli

La Foret IX by siamesesamThe Fallout by IndigoSummerr

silence V by indojo

is this the place? by pitchblackaisles

Winter Dress by ildiko-neer

A cold, cold day. by lomaticHighlands-9 by Kaarmen

High Prairie by BWilliamWest

Morning Blues II by FelixInden

cold clouds by vally5Cembalo by Trashins

Lighthouse by thedaydreaminggirl

Headspin by siamesesamFIRST FIRES by Grafilogika

Shake it up by Norrington1

Tanya by AnitaAntiIn the woods. by Lukreszja

Then they took you away by deadlychris

777 by Sssssergiuherbal witch by ginger-with-a-camera

... by absentii

one of a kind. by Sea-of-Ice

RAW ARTISTS / KINYA OTA 03 by corvus-crux

leave my body by JillianXeniaBruisegraphy by NataliaDrepina

STARWARS GEISHA by simsalabima

feathers by Carlotaarmengol

Transition by bliXX-aYOU ARE MORE - I by kevissimo

Inner Voice by Arahiel

Split Personality by ArahielJ by kakaoconad

Whirl by mary-jeanne

Kseniya by CreameCaramele

Jacs - 2 by thesensualeye

beneath by deadendsoulyou just fade away by Fledermausland

Louise BW Neon by Who-Is-Chill

Dot by TamarBurduliTransfiguration by kuzminphoto

Golden Wedding Anniversary II by nettocastroSouth Beach cougars by PatrickMonnier

distance by schnotte

Cherish by lomatic      by deadendsoul

F i r s t  S n o w by pigarot

Begining of winter in Gdansk by piXelRider

*** by AlyonaTravkinaferris wheel by mrBaklazhan

The View by ThatAzianGuy

Wide Angle by AlexandruCrisan

Memoria by RonnyEngelmann

Tabula rasa # 4 by hoodoo78Token of a Tree by SanIakob

I by Vlue

Rampartly by Dave-HeyborneUrban Radiations by WTek79

Arcadia by insolitus85

I hope that you've shown some love to these beauties!

Now, you can have a chance to win 2 x 250 points, all you need to do is to fave this journal... Remember that you can get double as much if you are my watcher :eyes:
I will choose the winners through and announce them in the next feature. 

Last issue's winner was: :iconnanami-yukari: Congrats! :rose:

Wish you all the best! :wave:

Btw, do you have instagram? Great, me too! Follow me here then! :love:

Undiscovered II + points giveaway

Sun Sep 15, 2013, 10:36 AM
So, as most of you probably know, I've started a weekly feature including the works that I find in the "Undiscovered" browse mode...
Now it's time for the next showcase of the underappreciated beauty. Show their creators some love and take a look at it!
Don't forget to fave and leave a comment too!

Spread the love by faving this journal and get a chance to be a winner of a giveaway just like these three lucky people:
Scroll down to get to know more about this week's giveaway... ;)

Morning mist by KarelSopek
Burning Blackout by NayeliNeriaSeptember Forest by Justine1985
Spring break by Michaelthien
Milky Way via A1A by RoyalImageryJaxMilky Way by JoycelynSiew
Field Of Dreams by CapturingTheNight
Tides by michellis13More Is Love by la-child
Charlotte by aufzehengehen
the magic in my mind by KateIndeedShadow Forest by Obsessed-by
Madness Ends II by Lady-Schnaps
nobody knows by MegsonSnow White by Freyja90
This Endless Waiting by Kaeldra-1
Sands Of Time by ksushikskarolina by biszkopciik
eve by LostCaradelNeilSara by ariadneseJosefina by Taiki-Yoshitoki
Tiffany by RejeanBrandt
moth by meyrembulucekbliss by BIOCITY2
. by Burundukass
--- by Lover-and-the-Wildthat's how I got my freckles. by sophiaazhouPersonna by Enigmapsyche
Summer evenings in my room, between day and night. by czas
autumn sandman II by Dropdeadh
vanishing by BIOCITY2migration -5 by cangurgel
lost in the darkness by baravavrova
look on the bright side by GeoArcusepilogue of paper boats by deer-o
1006 by donmezerm
here and now and then there by golpista
Doe Eyes by Queen-Kittyen fleurs by Enaston
Xavier by LeThoumy
Christy by SofiaLupulPortrait of Montparnasse by hubert61
Untitled by yup12
Sisters by Daizy-M
Wish I could stay by gearspec
waking expectations by grivachozfog of snoqualmie.2 by jonesblachowicz
Fence by BranislavFabijanic
Traverse by JillAuville47 by boyrd
since november, it's been raining. by PsycheAnamnesis
ms by ideodaplay the light by arayo
In transit by Phoenixstamatis
LiquidWorld by M-Art-ArtistSmiling Patterns by tholang
Power To People by Pierre-LagardetalKing snaKe by Pierre-Lagarde
Paul-Loebe-Haus VI by iDie
My Way Out by WTek79windows 3.0 by geissa
First Row by Poromaa
Ce que la lumiere detache by leingad
One of These Nights by InPluvia
Farvergade, Copenhagen. by Skevlar
Shhhh by bermek
War is Waste by jonniedee

Fave this journal and win 200 points! If you are my watcher you get twice as much! :D
I will choose the winner through and announce him/her in the next feature!
Have an amazing week! :love: :peace:

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Undiscovered I + points giveaway

Sun Sep 8, 2013, 9:36 AM
I decided to start a weekly feature including works I find in the "Undiscovered" browse mode... These are simply amazing and mostly underappreciated so show their owners some love and fave them. Don't forget to leave a comment too. Fave this journal to spread the love, it is really worth it (scroll down to get to know more ;)).

Surreal Sunflower Field by Lyzbil
3.9.2013: For the Light II by SuensyanMoorbirken by Knechterlate summer by indojo
Where hope and daylight die by Topielica666
_ Summer's End _ by EYELIGHTZONE
772 by Nigritabewilderness by davespertine
Masked by AnneLysa.. . . . .     ..... by Frozen-photoHide in Paradise by Aurelia-Isabella
...With Grace by mrxthanh
Once you lose that innocence XXI by MoosiatkoViktoria by eugene-kukulka
beautiful Madeleine by Yusik222
person who named bird by SolMayForest Guardians by Obsessed-by

imaginary wedding III by SlevinAaronSomething to forget by Meravigiliosa
Untitled by NadyaKireeva
Secrets of the forest by va11eWithdrawal by beyondimpression
Ingravity by Rebeca-Cygnus
impenetrable by ginger-with-a-camera
Wolf by eulalievarenne
Yet another by EivindHansenzbigniew preisner by cPaos

Untitled by marshmallow-childUntitled by FabriziaMiliaPhotos
Untitled by Artic-art
Untitled by marshmallow-child
Maria by ownroom
self portrait by abreathlessdream
In the rain by monikha
stephan micus by cPaos
Mucky Pup by InayatShah
By the beach by chimneysweeperMersey ferry by pavboq
run in fog by lechmarcin
the light by lightdrafterUntitled by vulezvrk

on the other side by davespertine
blue day by augenweide
The Last Lights of Hope by Einsilbig
Blue Note by Art2mys

So, I am sure that you have admired all of these beauties, faved them and commented on them as well... Now a little reward for your effort ;)

1 x 200, 1 x 100 and 1 x 50 points giveaway!!! If you are my watcher then you can get twice as much!!! :D All you have to do is to fave this journal. I will choose the winners through and announce them in the next feature.
Have a very nice week! :peace: :love:

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Ladybugs of 2012 - contest feature

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2013, 3:01 AM
Congrats to the winners of the Ladybugs Contest by OliviaMichalski & Kara-a!!! :clap:

1st. :trophy: puckrietveld

2nd. :trophy: lieveheersbeestje

3rd. :trophy: blameMYGreenSoul

Lady by blameMYGreenSoul

Other entries:

::thumb327154987:simple by Ben-Kelevra
Daydreamer. by head-in-the-cloudLove is for everyone by AljoschaThielenI've found you by Cottoon
Ladybug. by CryingSoulGirlAmelie by greenkaitlin

Have a nice day! :peace:

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Blue contest feature

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 19, 2012, 5:40 AM
Congratulations to the winners of the Blue Contest by lieveheersbeestje & aoao2 :clap:

1st.It`s so peaceful by Morgan-Lou

2nd.Today we rise by Healzo

3rd.Life II by Nelleke



6th.seeds. by Blueberryblack

8th.Cold night.. by addy-ack

9th.Window on Pink Lake by MichelLalonde

10th.Spider by incolor16

11th.Boat to Heaven by itcantfly
12th.lucky stars by FairyOfLuck by malenka740715
14th.Candlelit Morning by Jedi-Dame
15th.Ocean of clouds by PoppyHunter
16th.Only For You by Photeki
17th.The First Snow by catchingfyre
18th.0221 dream on by Oo-lacrima-oO
19th.Sailing ship by MidnArt
20th.I'm Blue, Da Bo Dee Da Bo Die by iBeci

Wish you all a great day! :heart:

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Spring Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 11, 2012, 12:56 PM
Enjoy the upcoming spring! :heart:

s     p    r     i     n     g by BOsKiKroKodyL:thumb289229732:leucojum forest by mescamesh

Cant wait by RezzanATAKOLEn attendant le printemps ... by Somebody--elsespring is here by Laura1995Softly... by cichutko
:thumb284840333:Spring Has Returned by JustinDeRosaPink Blossom by incolor16awakening by ivadesign

PRUNUS MUME by WindyLifecounting the seasons II by AlicjaRodzikLet me count the ways by CozyComfyCouchDreaming.. by pacificdreamsSpring Dreams... by Samantha-meglioli
:thumb208214534:Low Moon Season by Calluspring came by Panka2009:thumb214105717:Doux vertige by Morgan-Lou
Field of daisies by lieveheersbeestjeDaisies by UgurDoydukpurple haze by MartinAmmDay Nineteen - Flowers by Lady-Torispring preview X by indojo

Little Wonders by billiejolmYou're My Sun by MarcoHeislerpurple by TirokoRosarot by MookieKid.276. by Nigrita

Olo by Al-BaumSpring dance. by incrediHappiness by Borboletra.:Don't Hold Your Breath:. by BlueColoursOfNatureWaiting for the sun by Angie-Pictures

Snow in March by EliseEnchanted:thumb289278301:Am I dreaming? by MaaykeKlaver

:thumb287062867:Into the blue sky by huhahohiPrintemps  Abstrait by Oer-Woutspring... by impatienss
taste my spring XXI by JoannaRzeznikowskaJust The Two Of Us by nairafee138 by NigritaCherry Blossom by dandelgrosso
Signs of Spring by charliesmyangel.: know :. by biszkopciiklate summer queen. by magnesinaalmond-tree by batjenka
in the prime of life. by simoendliaint got no worry.. by RickHaighLight by 3wyl desire... by BaxiaArt:thumb254771117:

I can't forget you by BorboletraSummer sun. by benialiciousYellow Days. by andokadesbois
purple for her by rami777speak to me by augenweidefloral triangle. by magnesina
Happy Day by ravadorspring's jungle by prismesRejoice. .. by lipstickmisfitspring by LuizaLazar
Half of.. by worthyG11 by Tori-kanight time by miezeTatze:thumb281794118:
:thumb201056385::thumb254395153:Mars by RaBBiTKa

:thumb265597514:Singin' with dandelions.. by Khomenko:thumb202500237:sunset by LoveInMistfind neverland by JuliaDunin
Flowers by Snowfall-lullaby:thumb209182957:the last letter by inessa-emiliaPoppies by AlexandraSophieRain in spring by NataliaCiobanu

A-kuku. by LukreszjaSpring Messenger by JoannaRzeznikowskaSurrounded By Dandelions by DREAMCA7CHERSuspended Garden by NestR

Thank you all for these gorgeous artworks! :heart:

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Autumn Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 11:02 AM
Mist II by MateuszPisarski Journey to Neverland by tomsumartin Autumn feelings no.57 by landscapesaxony project autumn 4 by papayasweet Live Far Away by HiawathaPhoto Birchfire. by immugraah  Peaceful Autumn Symphony by FlorentCourty 426 by novakovsky Fiery Maple by joerossbach :thumb264387726: Absorbing by Capturing-the-Light 035 by Starlizz
The Golden Leaves by Somebody--else 1344 by boxx2genetica Reveal What's Concealed by incolor16 :thumb265527173: :thumb264731554: :thumb262013001: The Hottest Autumn Ever by ifsantag Autumn IV by JoannaRzeznikowska
Rainy Autumn Color by LAlight The wolf berries 2 by Cvet04ek autumn by chillione
Autumn mood by NataliaCiobanu Pumpkin by Lionique Autumn's song by monikha The closed heart by aleksesss
:thumb262916895: blow up by MartaSyrko :thumb263728047: Dry flowers by Basistka
fiber by Cvet04ek Meow? by Fra-Emer

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